February 2, 2020


Rachel Fasham

Once again we focus on someone whose story is told in an entire book of the Bible: Nehemiah, who led the people of Jerusalem in the task of rebuilding the walls of the city after their return from exile. In our All-In service we got the story in just 6 minutes in this fast moving video. As Rachel explains, Nehemiah rebuilt not just the walls but a community with God at the centre. What might that look like today, especially in Christ Church? We went on to respond to that question in a variety of ways as we spread out around the building to create, move, discuss, sing, think and write.

A broken down pile of wooden bricks lying around a model of the Temple

The broken-down walls of Jerusalem

Decorate gingerbread men with instruction: make one for yourself, another as a gift for someone else

The Create zone: decorating gingerbread men

Writing words on a picture of Christ Church and some people

The Move zone: finding words to describe a restored community

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